We see the special in you
You are at the heart of everything we do, from our designs and products to our customer service.

Being a super woman is not a walk in the park. A full-time job and much more. If you ever felt like juggling back and forth between countless things, you know what we're talking about. Partners, children, work, friends, always keep your head up and your thighs slim. On top of that, you have to be strong and caring, smart and sexy, a mother, a lover, a warrior and a lady. All of this at the same time.

 If you have ever felt overwhelmed or not understood, you are not alone. Hundreds of women write to us every month and tell us stories that painfully similar.

We know how you feel and we take care of you. We are here to help, like a friend you didn't know you had. We see the extraordinary about you. The Super Woman.
And even though our products don't give you super powers, we are still convinced that they will help you feel superb.

Beauty that takes your breath away and timeless fashion

N for Nicole stands for the fact that you can feel special every day. Our prestige products are meticulously crafted to ensure the highest quality and beautify every single day.

Unlike most others, we don't follow trends. This is not about fast food beauty. From our distinctive Nicole Curler product, to our skincare masks, to our stunning apparel collections, every single piece is carefully designed down to the last detail to ensure that it is and remains relevant.

For each product, we have only three goals. First and foremost, comfort. We want you to enjoy absolute freedom of movement and ease of use with every product you try.

Secondly, we believe in functionality. For every bold claim we make, we have numerous tests and independent user opinions that underscore each of our claims. Be assured when we say that something is extraordinary, that it really is.

Thirdly, we naturally strive for beauty. Not the kind of beauty that is exaggerated and loud, but the kind of natural beauty that gives you the confidence you need to be in top form. Clearly, all N for Nicole products make you feel sexy and charming - without compromise.

We are different because we care

We react very quickly to the needs of our customers. So we are very careful not to overproduce. Of course, if a certain product is very well received by our community, we are still willing to produce more of it.

This can mean that our inventory is sometimes very limited. Conversely, it also means that we are very careful to conserve the environment's resources and not be part of the disposable society. So be sure that every product we list is already a fan favorite and is trendy in some circles and appreciated by many people like you.

And what happens if we overestimate the demand for a product and our inventory is not completely used up? We donate the excess to charity.

About us

"I love working together in our team, it's always fun and exciting!"
Our team is very important to us. That's why we place great emphasis on creating an inspiring, stimulating environment where colleagues feel comfortable. We value open communication and transparency in all our processes and reward the performance of each team member.

Our head office in Lewes, Delaware is filled with plants and natural light, and we have a huge garden where employees can take a break. Although the work is sometimes hard (especially since we work hard for your satisfaction), we make sure that we organise social events together, distract ourselves from the work and enjoy each other's company.

It works great. At N for Nicole there is always someone there for you.

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