You Asked, We Answered

1. What is Eva Breeze made of?

Eva Breeze is made using 100% natural cotton on the cups. The rest of the bra is made with 95% cotton, which is boosted with 5% elastane for a perfect fit that gently hugs your body, and moves with you throughout the day. The decorative jacquard details on the outside of the cups is made with polyamide and elastane, offering a beauitful sheen that's understated and elegant.

2. Will the Eva Breeze cause bra lines?

Absolutely not. The Eva Breeze does not cause bra lines, nor does it squish your skin to cause bulges. Thanks to the gently elasticised cotton, you will enjoy a smooth silhouette with any outfit.

3. How do I wash my Eva Breeze?

To keep your new bra in the best possible condition - we recommend using a hand wash in cold water. But if you prefer machine washing, please carefully place your new bra in a zippered or mesh lingerie laundry bag and place it in a 30°C wash on a delicate setting. Never bleach, iron, or place your bra in a dryer.

4. The straps look comfortable, but do they slip off?

The Eva Breeze comes with what we call a "stay-in-place" strap guarantee. This means the straps are not going to slip or go anywhere they shouldn't be going.