Still have questions? Check our FAQ

1. How do I know they'll fit me correctly?

We have a range of size options available, just refer to our convenient sizing chart, and pick the size that best fits your dimensions! If in doubt - remember to get one size larger. Hypersoft provide orthotic support from the heel and arch so they are naturally a little tighter. Failing that, there is an easy-to-use return policy if you don’t get your perfect fit!

2. I love the sandals but prefer wearing closed shoes. What are my options?

It's your lucky day! The Hypersoft Sandals are a sister product to the Hypersoft Sneakers; exactly what you're looking for! Find them here.

3. When will the Hypersoft Sandals arrive?

The demand for Hypersoft Sandals is quite incredible.

As this is an exclusive edition, any order placed today will take around 10-14 days to be delivered.

We recommend that you reserve your spot and order immediately before the wait time increases further.