Still have questions? Check our FAQ

1. Can I order the pants separately?

We do not currently offer that option. Because of our current generous discount, however, you're essentially paying the price of a single item, even though you get the entire set as a bonus. In other words, if we ever offer the pants separately, the price will be comparable, so why not give it a try today?

2. What is Igni Fit's proprietary material's composition?

Igni Fit features a unique blend of viscose and acrylic with heat-generating, heat-retaining features which is sometimes called "softwarm".
Briefly, the breakthrough happens because our proprietary material absorbs the natural moisture generated by skin and converts it into heat.
What's more, the innate double-layer interspace between anti-pilling acrylic and oblate viscose fiber further retains heat retention, creating perfect heat integrity.
The luxury, fashion 4.0 effect is complete because due to the ultra-soft, ultra-stretch feeling of our blend, Igni Fit maintains outstanding freedom of movement, comfort, virtually eliminating the need to layer clothes, or even spend unnecessarily (and unreasonably) in heating bills.

3. How warm can I expect to be while wearing Igni Fit?

Igni Fit's unique 4.0 Fashion tech breakthrough is specifically designed to regulate body temperature at an exact, optimal 37°C.

4. I've heard about other thermal clothes, but they were all incredibly bulky, how can the Igni Fit be so thin?

The big secret is Igni Fit's heat-trapping nano weaves. This advanced therma-tech is brand new and enables Igni Fit to retain an approximate 75% more warmth than regular inner wears while maintaining the unbelievable heating properties of professional-class therma tech.

5. When will the Igni Fit arrive?

The demand for Igni Fit is quite incredible.

As this is an exclusive edition, any order placed today will take around 10-14 days to be delivered.

We recommend that you reserve your spot and order immediately before the wait time increases further.