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1. How big is Shape Stick?

Shape Stick comes in a two-piece bar that comes apart for easy travel and storage. It measures 36 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches (L x W x H) when assembled.

2. Is Shape Stick easy to use? How do i adjust it?

We made Shape Stick to be super easy for anyone, from 6 to 66. The initial resistance is gentle and easy on the body, and you can adjust it really as you get stronger. Just wrap the elastic band around the stick to make it shorter and increase the resistance.

3. When will the Shape Stick arrive?

The demand for Shape Stick is quite incredible. 

As this is an exclusive edition, any order placed today will take around 10-14 days to be delivered.

We recommend that you reserve your spot and order immediately before wait time increases further.