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It's summertime. Time to get a bra that keeps you cool and lets you breathe.

You've got things to do. Places to be. People to see. If your bra is holding you back (or too tight) you're wearing the wrong bra. The Calda Lace is soft, comfy, strapless, wireless and lets you breathe. In other words, it's perfect.

  • Totally wireless. Say goodbye to itching, scratching, pain, discomfort, and all those horrible things that you have to endure wearing wired bras. It's 2020 and everything's wireless.
  • Subtly strapless. The Calda Lace Bra's strapless tube design makes it the perfect addition to your summer looks. Wear your favourite warm-weather outfits without worrying about ruining the look!
  • Let your skin breathe. The breathable lace is gorgeous and promotes airflow, keeping you cool and hygienic during the summer months.
  • Never slip. Ever. The Calda Lace Bra's non-slip elastic fabric hugs your body gently enough to be comfortable, but snugly enough to be supportive and never slip.
  • Find your perfect fit. The Calda Lace Bra has three adjustable hooks so that you can find the perfect fit within your size.

None of the wires. All of the comfort.

  • The Calda Lace is totally wireless to keep you comfy and relaxed.
  • No itching, scratching, red marks, discomfort, indentation or bruising.
  • Enjoy the freedom of being braless with the support of an ultra-comfy bra.

Subtle, sensual, non-slip and summer-ready.

  • Wear your Calda Lace with any summer outfit. There's no straps to ruin the look!
  • Special non-slip design means it will support you all day long.
  • Stunning lace is super breathable, keeping you cool even in the warmest months of the year.

There's only one question left. What size to buy?

  • Check out our size guide and choose your Calda Lace with confidence.
  • If the size isn't right, you can easily return it and we'll send you another,
  • Okay, we confess. There's one more question. Black, white or navy?


  • Materials: Nylon, spandex and cotton.
  • Colours: Black, white and navy
  • Wireless
  • Strapless
  • Non-slip
Still have questions? Check our FAQ

1. What does the Calda Lace name mean?

The name comes from the Italian word for hot or warm, 'calda'. So we called it Calda Lace because it's a bra for warm weather and it's made primarily of high-quality lace fabric.

2. How does it keep me cool during hot weather?

The Calda Lace Bra is designed to maximise airflow and breathability on your body, ensuring your skin has the maximum oxygen contact possible. There is nothing overly scientific about this – we just designed the bra to be as light and breathable as possible.

3. Will it slip off during the day?

No chance. The special non-slip design will stay in place all day, providing enough support to make you feel secure but not so much that you feel restricted.

4. Is this a suitable bra for women with bigger breasts?

We have designed the Calda Lace to be as inclusive as possible. The only type of women that may experience issues with the fit of this product are those with a small, lean body and very large cup size relative to their size. In all other circumstances we're confident that you will find the right fit as per our size chart.

5. What if it arrives and there is an issue?

Simply contact us and we'll sort it out. Our customer support team is dedicated to making sure you have a positive experience with us.

6. When will the Calda Lace Bra arrive?

The demand for the Calda Lace Bra is quite incredible.

As this is an exclusive edition, any order placed today will take a maximum of around 10-14 days to be delivered.

We recommend that you reserve your spot and order immediately before the wait time increases further.

7. How do I contact you if I have any more questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact us on the e-mail address.

Ladies, it’s time to forget everything you’ve learnt about bra size. And just follow these simple rules:

  • Check the band size. Because it matters.

The band of your bra is responsible for most of the heavy lifting. Once you’ve come across your perfect band size, you can choose that same band size in all our bras (whether it’s Gwen Lift or Lucy Breeze).

[Tip: Try not having more than a 5-cm {2-inch} gap between your torso and bra band. Check using your fingers to ensure this!]

  • Find your cup size (which is related to the band size!)

The cup is related to the bra’s band size. You could be an A with one band size and a C with another (nope, we’re not kidding). So if you decide to change your band size, you’d need to change your cup size too!

[Tip: Scoop your breast upward with one hand and tuck it into the bra to make sure it fits the cup fully.]

  • Find your sister sizes!

This means finding your bra size equivalents! For instance, if you’re a 34C, your sister sizes (related by the cup size) would be 32D, 36B, 38A and so on. So let’s say your band size is uncomfortable and you want to go one band size up, you can easily find the right cup size that relates to it and get a bra that fits comfortably well!

[Tip: the trick to find your sister size is - as you go up a band size, go down a cup size and vice versa!]

Other ways to get the right bra size:

  • Check your underwire. It shouldn’t dig into the sides of your breasts.
  • Check the straps. If the straps are loose and falling, you’d need to tighten them or find the right bra size. They shouldn’t rest too far the edge of your shoulders.
  • Check the centre-front part of the bra. It shouldn’t dig into your chest.


Now that you know how to find your bra size, let us help you find your perfect bra companion.

Visit N By Nicole Bra Collection.

Need more help? Check out some useful tips on how to make sure your bra lasts longer.

For more information or queries, feel free to reach us at


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