EllaBoost Sneakers by Nicole

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Elevate your style and comfort! Slip-on sneakers with classic oxford details and cloud-soft cushioning.

"The lightest and most comfy shoes I've ever worn, but really chic at the same time."
- Sandra. M, USA

  • Silky soft, weave-knit upper: Feels like wearing a soft blanket - delivers ultralight hold and support for superb all-day comfort and breathability.
  • Timeless design: The classic Oxford-inspired details deliver a business-class look and feel that’s fit for the office and beyond.
  • Hidden Heel Support: 15mm boost between heel and toe - eases pressure on ankles, achilles and toes for a perfect heel-first landing that distributes pressure evenly.
  • High-Rebound rubber outsole: Double thick outsole that feels like walking on a cushioned cloud. Soft, bouncy and comfortable.
  • Easy Slip-On: Ribbed shoe entrance to hug your feet, no-effort laces that you tie once, with elegant pull tab for easy on and off.
  • Any Size You Need: You deserve the perfect fit - choose US women's sizing from: 5.5 - 11.5.

Fly in first-class comfort.

Luxurious weave-knit upper and a bouncy heel lift - hugs your feet so you feel like you're walking in the clouds.

  • 0.59in heel lift to pamper, protect and distribute weight evenly and guarantee a perfect heel-first landing.
  • Light, responsive outsole with orthopedic arch support.
  • Timeless Oxford details to elevate any wardrobe and take your everyday look to new heights.

Float above the harsh ground

Be elegant anywhere. Glide smoothly from the office, to coffee, to the park and back home thanks to:

  • High-Comfort Weave Knit: Breathable and light for all day comfort.
  • Elegant Oxford Details: Fashion forward and made to suit any occasion.
  • 15mm Heel Lift: Slightly raised heel section for orthotic support and a heel-first landing.

Arrive in style - in any dress code!

Look sensationally stylish at work, do the commute in class, elevate your evening out, EllaBoost is your stylish go-everywhere, everyday shoe.

  • Fast & Easy: The elegant pull-tab allows for easy slip on and off.
  • No-effort laces: Finely detailed and textured laces that you only need to tie once! Secure the laces once only, and then use as a slip-on shoe for everyday.
  • Extra Boost Sole: The responsive, high-rebound sole is contoured to fit your arches, and cleverly cushioned to provide soft bounce anywhere.

Why change your shoes for each occasion?

When you can get one shoe that ticks all the the boxes, why would you wear any other shoes again?

  • Heel lift and responsive cushioning for all day comfort.
  • Breathable weave-knit upper, dries quickly and prevents odours.
  • Pull-tab for effortlessly slipping on and off.
  • No-effort laces look great, but require no lacing at all.

Excited about elevating your everyday? Make sure you get the perfect size.

While it’s super easy to get on and off, our guess is you’ll slip it on and spend the rest of the day happy you did. Let's make sure you get the right size. Remember, there is also an easy-to-use return policy if you don’t get your preferred size.

  • Step 1: Trace your foot - Wear a sock, stand on a piece of paper, and trace the outside of your foot shape with a pencil.
  • Step 2: Measure length - Use a measuring tape, measure the outline from the back of the heel to the end of the longest toe.
  • Step 3: Find your size - match up your foot length with our size chart to get your perfect size. If in doubt, go one size up!

  • US sizes available from: 6-12.
  • Machine washable. Quick-drying and anti-odor.
  • Luxuriously soft and stylish.
  • Soft and breathable upper.
  • Heel lift for extra comfort.
  • Responsive, high-rebound sole.

You Asked, We Answered

1. How do I know they will fit me?

We have a range of size options available, just refer to our convenient sizing chart, and pick the size that best fits your dimensions! If in doubt - remember to get one size larger. EllaBoost Sneakers provide orthotic support from the heel and arch so they are naturally a little tighter. Failing that, there is an easy-to-use return policy if you don’t get your perfect fit!

2. How does the upper allow for breathability?

The upper material of EllaBoost Sneakers is made with a superfine elastic knit fabric that allows for maximum strength, while making sure that there are microscopic pores and holes to make sure that air moves throughout the shoe all day. That way, it ensures that constant air flow keeps you cool and dry.

3. Are EllaBoost Sneakers machine-washable?

Yes - simply load up your sneakers with the rest of your clothing, remove the insoles, and put it in a regular wash on a cold or warm water setting (never hot).

4. I have bunions, are EllaBoost Sneakers meant for me?

Yes, absolutely! EllaBoost Sneakers offer a spacious toe box that moves with you, allowing more than enough space to keep your feet pain free.

5. When will my EllaBoost Sneakers arrive?

The demand for EllaBoost Sneakers is quite incredible. As this is an exclusive edition, any order placed today will take a maximum of around 10-14 days to be delivered.

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