Feathershield Jacket by Nicole

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Girl, this jacket folds down to the size of your smartphone. Easiest packing, ever?

Travelling is fun. Packing isn't. Luckily, we've designed the perfect jacket for girls on the go. The Feathershield Jacket is light, warm and stylish and makes packing easiest than ever.

  • Travel-friendly: can be packed down to smartphone-sized pouch for travelling.
  • Light as a feather: weighs just 220g and keeps you super warm.
  • Water-resistant: water simply runs off it, even in the pouring rain.
  • Built for outdoors: perfect for adventures like hiking, travelling or casualwear.
  • Fashionable and unisex: designed to look stylish on men and women.

Folds into a smartphone-sized pouch.

Many jackets are warm, light or stylish. Very few are all three at the same time. But there's only one that's warm, light, stylish AND folds into a smartphone-sized pouch. The Feathershield Jacket is made for girls that like hiking, traveling or looking plain damn stylish in the city streets.

Weights about the same as two slabs of chocolate.

The Feathershield Jacket weighs just 220g. Think about that – this jacket is built to conquer mountains, brave storms and keep you warm with an 800 density down, yet it weighs about the same as two slabs of chocolate. No bulk at all. Look amazing and feel cosier than ever without layering like an onion.

You'll be warm, dry, and as comfy as an Eskimo in winter!

With a water-resistant design, zippered hand pockets and elasticized cuffs, the Feathershield Jacket protects you from all bad weather. Even if you're hiking in the snow or running through the rain, the Feathershiled Jacket protects you from wind, rain, and snow.



    • Folds to the size of a smartphone.
    • Windproof, rainproof, and even snowproof.
    • Shell material: 100% nylon with water-repellent coating.
    • Washing: by hand, cold and dry cleaning (do not tumble dry)
    • Available in a wide selection of colours.

    Still have questions? Check out our FAQ.

    1. What colours does the Feathershield Jacket come in?

    We have done our best to ensure there's a Feathershield Jacket to suit everyone's taste. The colours that we stock are black, grey, dark blue, blue, brown and green.

    2. What sizes does the Feathershield Jacket come in?

    We have done our best to ensure there's a Feathershield Jacket to fit everyone. We stock the following sizes: M-4XL.

    3. When will the the Feathershield Jacket arrive?

    The demand for the Feathershield Jacket is quite incredible.

    As this is an exclusive edition, any order placed today will take around 10-14 days to be delivered.

    We recommend that you reserve your spot and order immediately before the wait time increases further.

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