Hypersoft Sneakers by Nicole

$44.95 $149.95

No laces, no problem. Slip your feet into unreal comfort.

Easy on, easy off, with an extra cushioned-rubber sole, the Hypersoft Sneakers have a unique insole that molds to your feet.

  • Protect and pamper your feet. Our patented three-way Orthotic Arch Support System evenly distributes pressure for softer, pain-free walking.
  • Slips on softly as a sock. Soft, slip-on perforated upper for ultimate comfort and flexibility.
  • Light & easy for all-day walking. Rely on the durable, air-cushioned outsole with premium non-slip rubber.
  • Eco-friendly: No animals were harmed in their making. Made of vegan materials that withstand water.

Silky soft, breezy walking.

  • The sole is designed with our built-in Hypersoft Orthotic Arch Support System.
  • Evenly distributes pressure and relieves aches for a softer step.
  • With a premium footbed and an insole that molds to your feet.

    Step forward with confidence.

    • You will experience heavenly comfort, a slight height increase, and a soft stable bounce on every step.
    • With an anti-slip grip for wet conditions, maintains posture and balance easily.
    • You may forget you’re wearing them, even after being on your feet all day!

    Because bad shoes leave you with aching feet.

    • Plenty of research has gone into how we can better protect our feet against the pace of our modern lives.
    • A study by The National Center for Biotechnology Information in America [I] found that in women, compared to average shoes, those who wore good shoes in the past were 67% less likely to report foot pain.
    • Why would you take the risk of cheap, poor quality shoes?

    Invest in one pair of Hypersoft, and never think about it again.

    • They slip on like socks for everyday comfort.
    • The perforated mesh fabric effectively absorbs sweat. The large, air-cushioned rubber sole is made for years of pain-free walking.
    • All you need is one pair for life.


    • Built-in Hypersoft Orthotic Arch Support System
    • Perforated mesh upper
    • Premium MD out-sole material
    • Large, air-cushioned sole
    • Non-slip and wear-resistant
    • 1.96" perforated arch
    • Available in 20 colourways

    Still have questions? Check our FAQ

    1. How do I know they will fit me?

    We have a range of size options available, just refer to our convenient sizing chart, and pick the size that best fits your dimensions! Failing that, there is an easy-to-use return policy if you don’t get your perfect fit!

    2. What were the results of the study on foot pain?

    The National Center for Biotechnology Information in America [I] was looking to find a relationship between foot pain experienced by women, and the shoes they wear. Published in 2009 in the “Arthritis Rheum” journal, it collected data from 3378 individuals who completed the foot examination study between 2002 and 2008. It found that, even after taking age and weight into account, past shoewear use in women remained strongly associated with hind-foot pain.

    3. When will my Hypersoft Sneakers arrive?

    The demand for Hypersoft Sneakers is quite incredible. 

    As this is an exclusive edition, any order placed today will take around 10-14 days to be delivered.

    We recommend that you reserve your spot and order immediately before the wait time increases further.

    4. How do I contact you if I have any more questions?

    If you have any further questions, please contact us at the en@oslobrands.com e-mail address.


    Customer Reviews

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    These shoes are fantastic. I have ongoing chronic foot problems. I work standing up and walking. This shoe leaves me with out pain by the end of my shift. I have purchased another pair for casual. Take the step and buy, you won’t be disappointed

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