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Get a lift for your cleavage! Transform the shape of your bust with zero discomfort and cool comfort that lasts all day.

Your cleavage deserves luxury treatment. The Lacy Bra feels like a spa treatment you can wear.

  • Seamless cut for smooth comfort and support. Say goodbye to painful wires and pinching with our extra-elastic support system.
  • Reshape and reduce side breast fat. Transform your figure and give saggy breasts a massive boost.
  • Get that bra-free feeling, with double the support. Our padded, front-closure design is made to make you feel lighter.
  • Extra cool for summer, or any season. Soft and breathable so you can stay fresh, cool, and dry.
  • A smoother, sleeker, seamless look. Without the back hook or wires, there’s nothing to create nasty bumps or lines under your clothes.
  • Available sizes: 75-115, available cup sizes: A, B, C, D, E
    No seams, no wires, no stress.

    Are you in pain after wearing a bra all day? Your bra is trying to talk to you. When you get home, take special note before you walk in the door and rip off your bra of what's bugging you. Are you feeling the hook-and-eye closure in the back? Is it scratchy? Are you feeling the wire digging in? Has your strap been slipping all day? You know you're not comfortable, but sometimes you’re so busy you don't take the time to figure out how or why.

    We took that time, and figured out a far more comfortable solution. We made Lacy Breeze with a seamless cut for maximum comfort & centering support. Just smooth, cool comfort all day long. Surely that’s what you deserve?

    Think of it as a lift, but for your breasts.

    Women tend to focus on the size of a bra (the band and cup) - but breast shape and bra style is also incredibly important. For example, if you have east-west or side set breasts that point outwards or have ample space between them, it's very difficult for you to wear a full underwire around your whole breast.

    Lacy Bra takes all of this into account, by gently reshaping and molding your breasts into that perfect cleavage “pop”. Now you can transform your figure and give saggy breasts a massive boost. You can finally reduce side breast fat too, with full, centralizing coverage. No more bulging, no more bunching, no straps to adjust and no shoulder pain!

    The bra that’s so comfortable, it feels like a breeze.

    Made of nylon and spandex, the inner of the extra-elastic support system is designed to be as gentle as a summer breeze - keeping you cool and comfortable all day long.

    We also incorporated a front-closure system for extra convenience because - let’s start with the obvious - front-closing bras are super easy to put on and take off because they fasten right between your breasts. No more struggling to rotate your bra around or reach behind you, which saves you precious time.

    Extra cool for summer, extra smooth for life.

    We made Lacy Bra extra cool for summer, and super smooth to wear in any season. Manufactured with soft, breathable fabrics to keep you cool and dry while you do what you need to do. Better yet, we used that same flexible material to create a support system without any back hooks or wires.

    The hook-and-eye closures in the back of a regular bra cause visible bumps through your clothing. This is another reason why a front-close bra can come in handy: giving you a perfectly smooth back.

    • Smooth and seamless cut. No wires, no pain.
    • Reshape and reduce back fat like shapewear for your bust.
    • Padded, front-closure design is made for lightness and convenience.
    • Soft breathable fabric to keep you cool and dry.
    • No back hook or wires for a smoother, sleeker look.

    Still have questions? Check our FAQ

    1. What material is the Lacy Bra made with?

    The Lacy Bra uses an amazing spandex-based nylon blend that's responsible for it's extra elastic support and cool, breathable comfort. 

    2. When will the Lacy Bra arrive?

    The demand for Lacy Bra is quite incredible.

    As this is an exclusive edition, any order placed today will take around 10-14 days to be delivered.

    We recommend that you reserve your spot and order immediately before the wait time increases further.


    Ladies, it’s time to forget everything you’ve learnt about bra size. And just follow these simple rules:

    • Check the band size. Because it matters.

    The band of your bra is responsible for most of the heavy lifting. Once you’ve come across your perfect band size, you can choose that same band size in all our bras (whether it’s Lina Lift or Lacy Bra).

    [Tip: Try not having more than a 5-cm {2-inch} gap between your torso and bra band. Check using your fingers to ensure this!]

    • Find your cup size (which is related to the band size!)

    The cup is related to the bra’s band size. You could be an A with one band size and a C with another (nope, we’re not kidding). So if you decide to change your band size, you’d need to change your cup size too!

    [Tip: Scoop your breast upward with one hand and tuck it into the bra to make sure it fits the cup fully.]

    • Find your sister sizes!

    This means finding your bra size equivalents! For instance, if you’re a 34C, your sister sizes (related by the cup size) would be 32D, 36B, 38A and so on. So let’s say your band size is uncomfortable and you want to go one band size up, you can easily find the right cup size that relates to it and get a bra that fits comfortably well!

    [Tip: the trick to find your sister size is - as you go up a band size, go down a cup size and vice versa!]

    Other ways to get the right bra size:

    • Check your underwire. It shouldn’t dig into the sides of your breasts.
    • Check the straps. If the straps are loose and falling, you’d need to tighten them or find the right bra size. They shouldn’t rest too far the edge of your shoulders.
    • Check the centre-front part of the bra. It shouldn’t dig into your chest.


    Now that you know how to find your bra size, let us help you find your perfect bra companion.

    Visit N By Nicole Bra Collection.

    Need more help? Check out some useful tips on how to make sure your bra lasts longer.

    For more information or queries, feel free to reach us at


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