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Get wireless lift and shape! This contour bra moulds to your body, and hugs your curves like silk.

"This bra feels invisible, but it gives me great shape. My new everyday favourite!"
- Katie G.

  • Seamless Moulded Cups: No seams in the cups, no wires below them. Our 3D moulded cups adjust to your unique shape.
  • Ultralight Flexi-Foam: Sits flush and snugly against breasts - no more cup gaps. Extra light for smoothness without bulk.
  • Luxury Stretch Lace: Beautiful lace with added soft elastane that will never scratch. Moves and shapes around you.
  • Invisible Under Outfits: Soft edge underband, wide microfiber sides & back to smooth bulges under clothes.
  • Cushioned Adjustable Straps: Feels plush and satin soft on the skin, wider for comfort and fully adjustable.

It's shaped like you, not shaped like a bra.

We wear pants, shirts and dresses that fit our body shape - so why should we squeeze, scoop and press our cleavage into an unnatural bra shape? Why push yourself into firm padded cups that add extra weight?
This is why we made The Shapely Bra - to gently conform to your unique shape, give you great support that matches your needs, while feeling superbly light and invisible for all-day wearing that feels "bra free".

The bra that's designed to be forgotten.

Meet the bra that's designed feel like a supportive second skin - leaving heavy traditional bra designs in the past. Seamlessly go from the couch, play and work thanks to:

  • Ultra Light Flexi-Foam
  • Smooth Seamless Cups
  • Cushioned Adjustable Straps

Radical innovation, with a personal touch.

The fashion industry has forced us to accept painful bras. Today, we ask you to expect more from your bra.

  • Moulds to you: our light and flexible foam cups are designed to sit snugly against your skin, adapting to your unique shape.
  • Lace that feels great: the stretch lace looks great with (or without) clothes, with added elastane that's soft and flexible.
  • Soft cushioned straps: Designed to feel invisible and gentle - wide and plush so they never slip or hurt your shoulders.

Ready for a better bra?

Just follow our three step guide to finding your unique size and your new bra will be on the way!

  • Step 1: Find your band size - Use tape to measure right at the bottom of your bust, keeping it snug.
  • Step 2: Find your cup size - Hold the tape a little higher and measure around the fullest part of your bust.
  • Step 3: Match it with our size chart to find your perfect fit.


  • Wireless
  • Seamless Moulded Cups
  • Ultralight Flexi-Foam
  • Extra Light & Smooth
  • Luxury Stretch Lace
  • Invisible Under Outfits
  • Soft edge underband
  • Wide Microfiber Sides & Back
  • Cushioned Adjustable Straps

You Asked, We Answered

1. What is The Shapely Bra made of?

  • Main Fabric: 73% Polyamide, 27% Elastane
  • Lace: 87% Polyamide, 13% Elastane
  • Cup Surface: 100% Polyester
  • Back buckle: 100% Polyamide, Aluminium Buckle

2. What was the study on bra fitting?

An online poll was conducted in August 2006 by Harris Interactive for the nonprofit North American Spine Society. More than 1,300 women participated in the poll. 59% of the women said their bra causes them to have back, shoulder, or neck pain, and 80% claimed to have a bra that didn't fit perfectly.

3. Will The Shapely Bra cause bra lines?

Absolutely not. The Shapely Bra does not cause bra lines, nor does it squish your skin to cause bulges. Thanks to its light and flexible lace and the soft edge underband, you will enjoy a smooth silhouette with any outfit.

4. The straps look comfortable, but do they slip off?

The Shapely Bra comes with what we call a "stay-in-place" strap guarantee. This means the straps are not going to slip or go anywhere, guaranteed.


Ladies, it’s time to forget everything you’ve learnt about bra size. And just follow these simple rules:

  • Check the band size. Because it matters.

The band of your bra is responsible for most of the heavy lifting. Once you’ve come across your perfect band size, you can choose that same band size in all our bras (whether it’s Lina Lift or Lace Bra).

[Tip: Try not having more than a 5-cm {2-inch} gap between your torso and bra band. Check using your fingers to ensure this!]

  • Find your cup size (which is related to the band size!)

The cup is related to the bra’s band size. You could be an A with one band size and a C with another (nope, we’re not kidding). So if you decide to change your band size, you’d need to change your cup size too!

[Tip: Scoop your breast upward with one hand and tuck it into the bra to make sure it fits the cup fully.]

  • Find your sister sizes!

This means finding your bra size equivalents! For instance, if you’re a 34C, your sister sizes (related by the cup size) would be 32D, 36B, 38A and so on. So let’s say your band size is uncomfortable and you want to go one band size up, you can easily find the right cup size that relates to it and get a bra that fits comfortably well!

[Tip: the trick to find your sister size is - as you go up a band size, go down a cup size and vice versa!]

Other ways to get the right bra size:

  • Check your underwire. It shouldn’t dig into the sides of your breasts.
  • Check the straps. If the straps are loose and falling, you’d need to tighten them or find the right bra size. They shouldn’t rest too far the edge of your shoulders.
  • Check the centre-front part of the bra. It shouldn’t dig into your chest.


Now that you know how to find your bra size, let us help you find your perfect bra companion.

Visit N By Nicole Bra Collection.

Need more help? Check out some useful tips on how to make sure your bra lasts longer.

For more information or queries, feel free to reach us at


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