Sunburst Sandals by Nicole

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Fresh summer sandals that burst with support for healthy feet and happy toes.

Slip your toes into our summer platform sandals for a perfect fit. Built with layers of moulded memory foam and all-natural bamboo fibres, they are filled with orthopedic benefits that are ready to boost your mood and realign your feet - the way nature intended.

  • Fashionable feet. Go nude as nature intended, and slip your toe into our unique toe support system for a perfect fit.
  • Original Sunburst Orthotic Support. Realign your toes and support your whole foot with layers of rubber, memory foam and bamboo fibre.
  • Fresh breeze. Protects feet from odour and sweating all day with natural fibres that allow the air to pass smoothly throughout.
  • Light & flexible. Perfect for warmer months, enjoy a springy basis for the entire body and pair it with shorts, jeans, or dresses.
  • Your size, your colour. Available in European sizes 36-41, as well as in 4 premium colors.

Each step feels better than the last.

You were born to walk with sand between your toes, long grass under your heels and the sun streaming through your hair. Adventure calls - but all the time in the world won't help if your feet are in pain. Sandals wear thin and shoes cramp your feet. What if you could train your sandals to get to know your feet better with each step?

  • Our premium contoured footbed is supported by layers of memory foam with a natural rubber outsole.
  • The moulded heel area already cups your foot and forms around your shape over time.
  • Realigns your feet for better posture as soon as your foot slides into the soft toe hold.

As you realign your whole body from the arch up.

We want your feet to go nude the way nature intended. Our ergonomic design mimics the youthful, elastic support that makes for happy feet and a balanced posture.

  • Flexible, shock absorbing outsole feels as comfortable as a soft pillow.
  • Raised indentations at the front of the footbed near the toes.
  • Toe grip allows toes to return to their natural, spread out position.
Kick back and relax in style.

Every time you wear the Sunburst Sandals, you flaunt your feet in bright colors in an exciting new, modern design. To the outside world you look care-free and effortlessly comfortable - because you are.
  • Fresh and breezy, air circulates all day to prevent sweat and odour.
  • Strong, grippy and reliable natural rubber outsole for total confidence.
  • Smooths out any irregularities in the floor and ensures that every step is softly cushioned.

  • Fashionable and functional
  • Unique toe support realigns feet
  • Original Sunburst Orthotic Support
  • Natural rubber outsole, memory foam midsole and bamboo fibre outer.
  • Fresh air cirulatuion
  • Protection for sweating and odour
  • Light & flexible for summer
  • A springy basis for the entire body
  • Pairs perfectly with shorts, jeans, or dresses.
  • Available in European sizes 36-41
  • Choose 4 premium colors

Still have questions? Check our FAQ

1. How do the Sunburst Sandals help my feet?

Normal sandals with flat footbeds can have a slow and degenerative effect on your posture. Because of how the heel and arch are usually positioned, a woman’s body will attempt to compensate for the off-kilter balanced heels caused by flexing or bending the hips and spine. This makes for excess muscle fatigue and pain - which results in slouching.

To avoid this, we have placed our toe hold in an ideal postion to begin to realing the foot the way is should be.

Additionally, our premium contoured footbed is pronounced, to relieve this normal muscle strain, and slowly restore your muscles to their normal functioning state without the need to slouch.

2. How do I know they will fit me?

Please check our handy size guide for the right fit for you. We have made our chart as accurate as possible, but to be safe always keep one size larger if in doubt.

3. When will the Sunburst Sandals arrive?

The demand for Sunburst Sandals is quite incredible.

As this is an exclusive edition, any order placed today will take a maximum of around 10-14 days to be delivered.

We recommend that you reserve your spot and order immediately before the wait time increases further.

4. How do I contact you if I have any more questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact us at the e-mail address.


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