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Doctors, dermatologists, and celebrities swear on its effectiveness...

This New Ultrasound Device Turns The Fat Around Your Thighs, Midsection, And Underarms Into A Liquid…

Allowing You To Simply Pee The Fat Away!

No needles, no cutting, no medication, not even a diet!

  • Home ultrasound fat cavitation device! Beauty centers charge hundreds for a single treatment, but you could have unlimited!
  • Combines EMS, infrared and ultrasound technology to melt fat like butter in a microwave - apply it on any area you’d like to slim!
  • The melted fat turns into a liquid, allowing your body to remove it through its natural waste disposal mechanisms. 
  • Diminishes cellulite, slims tightens and lifts the treated area, all in one go!
  • Ultrasound fat cavitation is non-invasive and scientifically proven in countless studies. Refer to FAQ for references.

Fat-spot reduction, cellulite removal, slimming, tightening & lifting, combined in one handy device!

LiquaSlim lets people enjoy unlimited ultrasound fat cavitation treatments at home. Experience drastic cosmetic improvements in a matter of days without paying thousands, without sticking to bland foods or spending dozens of hours at the gym. In fact, LiquaSlim’s system is so powerful that we even invite you to…

Snack every night! Stubborn fat will still melt like butter in a microwave!

You see, LiquaSlim’s triple EMS, infrared and ultrasound technology combo attacks stubborn fat cells directly. Results are unavoidable! Fat cells simply lack the structural capacity to withstand this level of vibration. Almost immediately, they start breaking down into a harmless waste liquid. And then, without having to do a single thing, not even lift your finger…

You simply pee the excess fat away from your body!

Feeling skeptical? Jennifer Walden, plastic surgeon was caught on air saying “This is the real deal, the next best thing since sliced-bread in cosmetic procedures”. What’s more, countless studies confirm that the treatment works, some of which you’ll even find in our FAQ.


  • Features an EMS, infrared and ultrasound technology combo that melts fat like butter in a microwave!
  • Fat-spot reduction, cellulite removal, slimming, tightening & lifting, all combined in one handy device.
  • Beauty centers charge hundreds for a single treatment. Get LiquaSlim today and you could have as many as you like!

Still have questions? Read our FAQ!

1. How does this therapy work?

Ultrasound fat cavitation therapy uses ultrasound to subject fat cell membranes to a strong wave of pressure. The fat cells cannot withstand this pressure, cave in, and disintegrate into a liquid state.  

This treatment is ideal for patients that have approximately 3cm of fat or more and require an INSTANT reduction.

2. Sounds good on paper, but I want more proof! Where’s the proof?

There’s plenty of proof. 

For example, the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy recently published a 2019 study which concludes, "There were no complications with the treatment. A series of three treatments resulted in significant fat reduction in treated flanks. Although treatment results are more modest than liposuction, non-invasive ultrasound therapy may provide an attractive alternative for patients seeking a nonsurgical procedure for fat reduction."

Or take an earlier study, published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology in 2015, which says, "multiple treatments are safe and effective for circumferential reduction in local fat tissue by 2 cm or more across the abdomen, hips, and thighs. Results are consistent and reproducible, and none are associated with adverse effects."

3. Alright. Fair enough. Can I use LiquaSlim in any area of my body?

Yes. You can use LiquaSlim to melt fat in any area of your body you like. Most patients prefer to melt fat in their buttocks, thighs, midsection as well as the “flabby” areas of the arm.

4. What can I reasonably expect? And how soon?

As with all treatments, results vary from individual to individual. However, there is often visible loss starting from the three first treatments.  Results are then improved during each subsequent treatment.

5. When will LiquaSlim arrive?

The demand for LiquaSlim is proving to be quite incredible. 

As this is an exclusive edition, any order placed today will take around 10-14 days to be delivered.

We recommend that you reserve your spot and order immediately before wait time increases further. 

6. Are there any long-term risks?

We always recommend that you consult your doctor before trying a new therapy like LiquaSlim. You should avoid LiquaSlim if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Serious kidney or liver disease
  • High cholesterol or heart disease
  • High fever, vascular disorders or arteriosclerosis.
  • Have any mental implants in your body.
  • In addition, LiquaSlim should not be used by pregnant women.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I have weak knees and have difficulty gyming or doing any form of intense cardio and was looking for something easy and quick like this. Can’t say i’m not impressed. The guide that comes with the product is pretty detailed and followed it thoroughly. I’d recommend doing the same for good results


Tried it for the first time. So far so good. My problem areas are thighs and belly and they feel smoother and slimmer.


Very easy to use and not pricey for a product this good. Thinking of buying it for my husband too now!


This is a great purchase. I’ve had two kids and was having a tough time losing all the extra weight and this was a great alternative. I can see some changes in my waistline and i don’t know if anyone has felt it but I feel like my skin where I used it is smoother too. Plan to keep using it further


Hi! I used this for my belly and arms and can already feel some loss. Very pleased with the purchase and wil recommend it to friends too

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