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End Hair Growth In Your Entire Body, Your Face, Armpits And Your Bikini Zone

Enjoy deep hair removal that slows down (and eventually stops) future hair growth - whether you’re blonde, pitch black or anything in between! 

Skin like silk, permanently, in just a few weeks with Luma Care’s exclusive IPL Laser technology.

The Painfree Upgrade To Waxing (... Completely Outclasses Shaving!)

Approved by dermatologists, Luma Care’s clinical-grade technology speeds up results and wipes out discomfort completely. 

Suitable for the entire body, including the face and bikini line. 

What Makes Luma Care Special 

No cuts. No burns. No ingrown hairs. Zero radiation

Our simple “tap n’ zap” IPL system is easy to use and easy to master by anyone (even men!). 

Just point the device to the desired area, tap the side button, and zap away unwanted hair! 

Five intensity levels to pick, depending on hair growth level. All five safe and painless.

Brings Out The Smooth Feminine Look Girls Fight For Effortlessly

One Short Session a Week And You’re Done!

Luma Care brings out a woman’s purest feminine look within as little as 12-weeks (1 short session per week).

Afterward, we recommend 1 session each month (for three months). After this point, most women experience little to no hair growth. 

Each unit can be used for 150.000 flashes, the equivalent of a full 9 years of therapy!

Bring That Beauty Routine To A Whole New Level 

Painless silk-like skin begins now. Luma Care is the easiest and fastest way to look like a Queen (or Princess) in 2019. And it gets better:

Buy an extra “Luma Care” unit for a best friend or family member, and you both get a 25% discount. (Promotion valid for limited time only.)

60% OFF and FREE Worldwide Shipping

To celebrate our 1st year in business, we’re offering a 60% OFF for the first 100-daily orders until next week - less than half the normal price.

After this very special offer ends -- or our stock ends unexpectedly due to high demand --  we will update this page.

Until then, you can take advantage of our 60% discount and our 100%, ironclad quality satisfaction guarantee.



✓  Suitable for the entire body Including underarms, legs, thighs, bikini line, face, neck, shoulders, and back (please keep Miss Spotlight away from your eyes!)

  Uses laser light pulse technology, approved by dermatologists

✓ 100% no pain - even for sensitive skin

✓ No batteries or charge required - simply plug in the device and go

✓ 5 intensity levels - suitable for mild and heavy levels of hair growth



Luma Care features salon grade IPL technology that thoroughly removes unwanted hair without pain. One short session per week for a couple of months is enough for over 75% hair regrowth reduction. No cuts. No burns. No ingrown hair. Just tap n’ zap unwanted hair comfortably at home. 

Still have questions? Check our FAQ

1. Does Luma Care’s IPL really destroy hair roots?

Thanks for your question! Luma Care’s IPL technology breaks the cycle of hair regrowth through an intense, broad-spectrum pulse of light that targets specific structures and chromophores in hair (e.g melanin). At any one time, not all hair follicles are ‘active’, and only active hair follicles can be affected by the treatment. 

‘Inactive’ hair follicles can be treated as they become ‘active’ over time, which is why an average of 8 to 10 weekly treatments is required to remove visible hair. . 

Simply put, if you use Luma Care according to schedule, you won't have to worry about hair growth again.

2. How well does this work on dark and thick hair?

Absolutely! In fact, the thicker and darker the hair the better Luma Care works.

3. Can men use it on their chest, back and facial hair?

Yes. Luma Care can be used anywhere on the body. We recommend a low to medium power level for the sensitive facial and neck area to ease the skin into the treatment and avoid irritation.

4. Is this suitable for a fair/medium skin tone with light/medium thin hair to use on your arms (and fingers)?

Skin tone and hair type are not an issue at all. Generally speaking, the darker and thicker the hair, the easier it will be to remove it. 

5. Does hair grow back if you stop using it, same as before?

Even if you’re naturally very hairy, the hair will not grow back as before. After about 6 to 8 weeks you might start experiencing some growth, but it will be much slower than before.

6. Do you need gel and glasses to use this?

No. There’s no extra equipment needed.

7. How many flashes can you use before it’s done?

Luma Care’s system lasts for 150.000 flashes - the equivalent of 9 years or more depending on usage!

8. What is the recommended minimum age to use this product?

The recommended minimum age for Luma Care is 15. In those cases, we still recommend adult supervision.

9. When will the Luma Care arrive?

The demand for Luma Care is quite incredible.

As this is an exclusive edition, any order placed today will take around 10-14 days to be delivered.

We recommend that you reserve your spot and order immediately before the wait time increases further.

10. How do I contact you if I have any more questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact us at the en@oslobrands.com e-mail address.


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